A recent WhatsApp notification, which was received by millions of Indian users that says, WhatsApp`s new Terms of Service and privacy policy, which will come into effect on February 8, and has asked users to either accept the changes in its Terms of Service and privacy policy or their accounts will be deleted.

The policy updates read, “WhatsApp must receive or collect some information to operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and market our Services, including when you install, access, or use our Services.”

“Businesses you interact with using our Services may provide us with information about their interactions with you. We require each of these businesses to act in accordance with applicable law when providing any information to us,” it further adds.

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy: will share your data with Facebook

While users were able to opt-out until now, starting February 8, they will have only one solution, if they don’t want their data to be owned by the parent company – uninstall the app and stop using the service.

On the other hand, Some of the info WhatsApp is collecting and will be sharing includes location data, IP addresses, phone model, OS, battery level, signal strength, browser, mobile network, ISP, language, time zone, and even IMEI. There’s also the information about how you are messaging, calling, what groups you are attending, the Status, the profile photo, last time you were online, etc.

The older version of the privacy policy used to start with the following lines: ‘Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA. Since we started WhatsApp, we’ve aspired to build our Services with a set of strong privacy principles in mind.’

Elon Musk tweeted “Use Signal” on Thursday, right after changes were made to WhatsApp’s privacy policy that would lead to more data sharing with its parent company Facebook. Earlier today, Musk also tweeted a ‘domino effect’ meme, where he implied that the start of Facebook was responsible for the chaos and violence that took place at the US Capitol in Washington.


According to sources, WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy and terms of service have new sections including Transactions and Payments Data as well as Location Information. The most notable changes that exist on both updated privacy policy and terms of service are around how WhatsApp shares information with Facebook and its subsidiaries.

Thus, WhatsApp will have all information about your home, office address, and your relatives and friends. Which market you like to visit or which restaurant you want to visit, and which mobile phone do you use. WhatsApp will have all pieces of information and will be kept on its server for a long time.

WhatsApp was founded as a free, cross-platform messaging app in 2009. It gained over 400 million monthly active users four years later. Facebook bought the platform in 2014.



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