Girish Badragond is the son of a farmer, from a rural background in Bijapur, Karnataka, with no support or encouragement, but his hunger for technology made him create the first-of-its-kind machine called ‘Blind Farming Technology.’ As he came from a rural place so he can relate to the problems in farming and that is why after completing his education till SSLC, he dedicated his life to inventing solutions for agriculture.

Girish Badragond,The Rural Innovator Behind India’s First ‘Blind Farming’ Technology
Girish Badragond,The Rural Innovator Behind India’s First ‘Blind Farming’ Technology

Girish Badragond came to know that visually-impaired farmers in Vijayapura, Karnataka, had to lease their lands because they couldn’t farm it themselves. After this incident, Girish decided to create a machine called ‘Blind Farming Technology’ which includes a digital stick equipped with a sensor that detects the moisture content, nutrition level, and temperature of the soil. The information is announced on an audio system.

Girish said to a Source “The farmer can walk around his field holding the digital stick to get updates. Apart from that, the machine includes sensors that are installed under the soil to collect various crop-related information. The audio system is installed on different parts of the farm depending on the size, and it works on solar power. There is also an irrigation system that will automatically water the crops when there is a drop in the soil moisture level. Even in the absence of the farmer, the work continues. This technology will also help the farmer save water.”


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