$300 million worth, Byju’s WhiteHat Jr, multi-billion dollar online education empire are rising incredibly for the past few years. Recently during the lockdown because of the pandemic, these platforms have become the recent favorites to the parents of the children as they can study sitting at home on their phones. Recently Byju’s have entered their name in the list of billionaire startups. Whitehatjr offers online coding classes to kids.

But how safe are these Online educational platforms for your kids? Have you really thought about it? Are we letting our child to be exploited by introducing them to such platforms in the name of study? Are you sure that the things they are learning from these platforms are really necessary to them ?  are these platforms misusing their positions?

Recently a LinkedIn user Pradeep Poonia, a software engineer with Cisco, wrote a long post complaining that whitehat junior is playing with children’s future. They are being taught by unqualified teachers. He further accused that it’s been more than a month he has been trying to post about WhiteHatjr on different platforms like youtube, google play but all his post gets deleted and accounts got suspended.


A total of 16 of his videos got deleted from Youtube where he complained about WhiteHatjr. He also complained that WhiteHatjr is using fake copy-paste reviews on Google play and when he tried to expose the same by posting a video on YouTube, the video got deleted instantly. Also, they are adding the fuel by advertising that a 13-year-old kid taught by them is working in google nad earning 150 crores yearly.


As per Pradeep Poonia’s post,” WhiteHatJr and Byjus are misusing their position, for more than a month I have been trying to post about WhiteHatJr. On whichever platform I go to, either my accounts get suspended or my posts get deleted.

In Summary, till now two Reddit accounts have been suspended permanently, one twitter account, two youtube accounts, 16 videos removed from youtube, and one Quora account temp suspended.”

Read his full blog here.

How thoughtful is it to target children in the name of a huge yearly salary? Many parents have also complained that everything they post gets deleted where the try to question the online platform right after 30-45 minutes of posting.

As per findings, WhiteHatjr is fooling consumers using Bill gates, Steve Jobs photos, and Barack Obama’s video which he made 6 years ago for non-profit code org.


WhiteHatjr claims to teach kids as young as 6 years olds about AI and space-Tech. They also run ads that were clearly mentioned that ‘Prior coding experience for teachers not needed. This clearly indicates what has been happening inside these online educational platforms.

That user in LinkedIn also complained that he saw whitehatjr’s scripts that the teachers use, it even tells teachers when to smile, where to say hello, what fix examples to give.


Every kid is different and the same teaching processes won’t help kids to grow. A single script cant is effective on every single child. This kind of teaching won’t bring out the best from children or won’t create extraordinary coders. It will just create innumerous coders.

Every child is special and has their own kind of uniqueness in different fields. The Bollywood movie Taare Zameen Par taught us the same thing in a beautiful way. But again these online platforms are using the kids and parent’s insecurities to earn hard money by pushing a 6-year-old to learn CODING. Let the kids play and get dirty in mud instead of pushing them to chase 160 crore salary dreams. These will lead them to depresses adulthood and many will take their lives when they won’t be able to fulfill their ‘childhood’ dream. This must stop. Our parents need to stop letting themselves be exploited by these online platforms otherwise very soon they will start targeting 03 years old kids and make them money-making Weapon for them.



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