The eminent writer and journalist Homen Borgohain turned a year older today. The former president of Asam Sahitya Sabha and social activist was born on December 7, 1932, at Dhakuakhana in Lakhimpur district of Assam. Borgohain was the president of the Asam Sahitya Sabha during 2001-02.

He is currently working as the editor in chief of Assamese daily Niyomiya Barta. He was awarded the 1978 Sahitya Akademi Award in the Assamese language for his novel Pita Putra.

A very few people know that Home Borgohain founded Karunadhara – a non-profit organization to help people suffering from physical/mental illness and to support financially poor people in receiving costly specialized medical treatment.

Borgohain first edited an Assamese weekly newspaper Nilachal and later he edited the weekly Nagarik. Afterward, he served as a senior staff member of Bangali daily newspaper Ajkal. Borgohain’s editorial articles in Nilachal and Nagarik are edited by Dr. R. Sabhapandit and published in two volumes in Assamese.

He returned his Sahitya Academy award in 2015 in protest against the lack of tolerance being created in Indian society.

Recently, the Assamese film ‘Xubala’, made by the noted filmmaker Munna Ahmed is to be screened at the Lift-off Sessions Film Festival 2020, the UK, and Lift-off Sessions Film Festival 2020, Hollywood.

The film is based on Homen Borgohain’s novel ‘Xubala’ and stars renowned Assamese actor Urmila Mahanta. Xubala’s childhood is enacted by the eight-year-old Apsara Das. The story revolves around an innocent village girl who struggles due to poverty and becomes a victim of prostitution to come out of it.

Matsya Gandha:

Homen Borgohain’s Matsyagandha is a must-read that is considered a landmark work of Assamese literature, published in 1987. The story revolves around the ugly truths of society and about a low caste woman Menaka. The story of the novel has been made into a motion picture.

Pita Putra: 

A Sahitya Akademi winner for the novel Pita Putra, Borgohain, who, along with his wife Nirupama, brought out in 1971 the first Assamese jointly-written novel. “Pita Putra” is one of the most important works of the celebrated writer.


Halodhiya Choraye Baodhan Khai:

Another memorable work of Borgohain published in 1973 was Halodhiya Choraye Baodhan Khai, which was also turned into a feature film. Titled the same, the film, directed by Jahnu Barua, won the National Award in 1988 besides multiple awards at the International Film Festival in Locarno.

Saudor Puteke Nau Meli Jay:

It is one of the most memorable works of Homen Borgohain which was translated by his son Pradipta Borgohain, a Guwahati-based writer, translator, academician, and also short stories, such as The Homecoming, Despair, A Servant of People, The Storm, The Curtain, and Fear.

Works of Homen Borgohain:


  • সাওদৰ পুতেকে নাও মেলি যায় (Saudor Puteke Nau Meli Jay)
  • হালধীয়া চৰায়ে বাও ধান খায় (Halodhiya Soraye Baudhan Khai)
  • অস্তৰাগ (Astarag)
  • পিতা পুত্ৰ (Pita Putra)
  • তিমিৰ তীৰ্থ (Timir Tirtha)
  • কুশীলৱ (Kushilab)
  • এদিনৰ ডায়েৰি (Edinar Diary)
  • বিষন্নতা (Bisannata)
  • নিসংগতা (Nisongota)
  • সুবালা (Subala)
  • মৎস্যগন্ধা (Matshyagandhaa)


  • আত্মানুসন্ধান (Atmanusandhan)
  • ধুমুহা আৰু ৰামধেনু (Dhumuha Aru Ramdhenu)
  • মোৰ হৃদয় এখন যুদ্ধক্ষেত্ৰ (Mur Hridoy Ekhon Judhyokhetro)


  • গদ্যৰ সাধনা (Gadyar Sadhana)
  • মানুহ হোৱাৰ গৌৰৱ (Manuh Huwar Gourov)
  • প্ৰজ্ঞাৰ সাধনা (Progyar Sadhana)
  • উচ্চাকাংক্ষা (Ucchakangsha)




  • Asam Publication Board Award (1977)
  • Sahitya Akademi Award (1978)
  • Assam Valley Literary Award (1991)
  • Asam Sahitya Sabha Award (1991)




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