On 24th February 1826, The Treaty of Yandaboo also known as the “Treaty of Peace between the East India Company and His Majesty the King of Ava” was signed on 24th February 1826. The Treaty of Yandabo was the peace treaty that ended the First Anglo-Burmese War.

The agreement was signed on February 24, 1826 by General Sir Archibald Campbell on the British side and by Governor of Legaing Maha Min Hla Kyaw Htin of the Burmese side. This treaty starts the British Rule in Assam.

The Treaty of Yandaboo

The treaty was signed in the year 1826 between British India and the Burmese government. As per the treaty, the Burmese have to surrender all the territory of Assam, Nagaland n Manipur it has occupied.

Assam directly came under the rule of the British as such, the Burmese finally have to withdraw from the Indian territory. It is considered the day Assam became a part of mainland India.

Before 1826, The Pre Yandabo Treaty, the rulers of the Konbaung dynasty had hopes of expansion and territorial authority. They began their ambitious colonization of Siam (current day Thailand) in the early years of the 19th century but were thwarted by the Chakri Dynasty, which is still the current ruling house of Thailand with the help of the Qing dynasty of China. Upon being repelled from the West, King Bodawpaya (6th King of Konbaung Dynasty) looked East towards Arakan, which was to the east of Bengal Presidency.

Now the question is Can Assam become independent again using the Yandabo Treaty?

In 1947 when India got independence, the Assam Province/North Eastern Province (not a princely state) became a part of the Dominion of India as per the mandate of the Radcliffe Line Commission.

According to Article 3 of our constitution, there is a provision for diminishing the area of the states, however, as per the Supreme courts judgment in 1960, this provision does not cover a session of India’s territory to any foreign country and therefore requires a difficult Parliamentary approval process as specified in Article 368

As per Article 1, Bharat i.e India is a union of states and not a federation of states, which means India can alter the boundaries, name, area of the states however the states do not have the right to territorial integrity.

Assam was part of British India and became a part of the dominion of India as per India Independence Act 1947. Our constituent assembly was careful enough to provide certain provisions to settle border disputes by the exchange of land between countries but at the same time were very certain to maintain the territorial integrity of our country by not providing the right to declare independence to any of the states.

But as Yandabo Treaty was signed in 1826 between the East India Company and the Burmese Kings. It has nothing to do with the independence of Assam because Assam is an integral part of India.


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