When the Covid-19 pandemic began none of us have thought it will be a big deal. Months turned into years yet it stayed with us. Increasing frustration and irritability during the Covid-19 outbreak was hard to cope with.

People stopped being optimistic. Depressed about the future. A tough pill to swallow but confined within four walls we were forced to take digital way.

But it’s the time for encouragement. People are looking for support and solace, even brands and clients.

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Meanwhile, Madhuri Saikia, a writer, and blogger were worried about her work dried up. Without any work and increasing EMIs she was stuck in a holding pattern.


Yet the fighter soul didn’t give up.  She found her comfort in cooking. Along with cooking she started doing food photography and post it on social media.

Guess What? It’s changed her life! That’s the advantage of social media..connectivity. Social media is like a coin of two sides. It has few disadvantages but if used properly, it can give you a new platform.


Within a short span of time, Madhuri Saikia started receiving appreciation for her work. Her photography is mostly about food, beauty, fashion, art. Brands wanted to collaborate with her. And she never looked back!

Although she had to struggle at first somehow she managed it.

In an exclusive chit-chat with Inside Chronicle Madhuri Saikia shared her experience. Take a look:

  1. First of all, Warm wishes on World Photography Day to you. So before going into detail, tell us about your entrepreneur journey?
  • Thank you. But first, I would like to highlight that I am not an entrepreneur. Rather you can call me a writer, blogger, or brand photographer. I started blogging in 2012 and photography, last year in 2020, around June when the lockdown was at its peak and so was my anxiousness. And that’s when I decided to shift my mind to not lose my leftover sanity. Haha. Although I had a camera at home, I never liked using it. Only when I had to click something really important, I would ask my husband to set it up. Now, this camera has become an escape for me- photography has become a kind of meditation.

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  1. In a LinkedIn post, you said some accidental product photography changed your life. Can you share it in detail?
  • Things were all cool and good at first, but gradually it started deteriorating. With no work at hand and the piling expenses and EMIs, I began losing my cool with each passing day. I would get cranky all the time and burst out on anyone for no reason. That’s when I decided to divert my frustration into something else. I found solace in cooking. And along with it, I began food photography and sharing those on my social media handles. In less time, I began receiving appreciation from people for my photography. Lifestyle is my niche and I kept my interest surrounded by flat lay photography that catered to food, beauty, fashion, art, and so forth. And one day, a brand approached me via Instagram. They wanted to join hands with me for a barter collaboration. I was excited and said yes. After a week or so, they contacted me again and said that they like my photography and want to go ahead with a paid shoot for some of their products. So, that was the beginning of this journey. Eventually, more brands began to approach.


  1. What product photography is about in your opinion? What environment do you require?
  • In my opinion, the product photography is all about creating a mood. For me, it is more about playing with props, hues, and light to capture people’s interest. I do not need any particular environment. All I need is good light that’s neither too sunny nor too gloomy. I mostly prefer daylight to work under artificial lights. A window-side space or my balcony works great for this.
  1. Product photography must be a challenging job. What are the common difficulties you have been facing?
  • It’s indeed a challenging task trying to get your hands on different props that are not just expensive but are also not accessible at times. I remember I had to do this candy shoot that required fresh strawberries, flowers, and some playful props. I had to run about 2-3 markets in search of fresh-looking strawberries. And the prices of flowers here in Guwahati, my god! It will likely surpass your budget and profit margin.


  1. What are the types of equipment you use for product photography?
  • I use Nikon D5200 with a 35mm lens. Sometimes, I also use my phone to click a few.
  1. What is your advice for young budding photographers?
  • I don’t think I am a master in this field to advise others. Hehe. I am still learning. But one thing I have learned all these times is that to take inspiration from other photographers every time you feel a block. It helps a lot when you analyze others’ work. It helps you dive more into the aesthetics.
  1. How do brands approach photographers especially in the NE region?
  • Most of my gigs come via my blog (silentwhispers.in) and my Instagram account (Instagram.com/whispers_sss ) For brands to reach out via Instagram, it is also important to define their niche and use the right hashtags. Apart from that, one can also approach a brand directly via email.


  1. What is the future scope of product photography in Assam in the near future?
  • There are advertising agencies and brands from different parts of the country like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Gujarat, etc. who reaches out to me for their photoshoots. I don’t think their prime lookout is where you are based in, instead what matters to them is your work. I think anybody who has a good grasp of the skill will likely get approached by brands and agencies.


So whenever you feel demotivated just know that it’s vital that we constantly reinvent ourselves. There is always a chance at something new, all you have to remember is to focus on what is important to you.



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