How much do you know about India’s ever-growing and varied graphic novel prospect? Yes, we are familiar with the Comic Culture of India, and when we think of ‘Indian Comics’ many people still think of Tinkle, Amar Chitra Katha, and Diamond Comics (Nagraj, Phantom, and others). People often confuse Graphic Novel with Comics.  Graphic novels are finally budding in the normal Indian bibliophile’s reading radar.

If you are not aware of what Graphic Novel is then let me tell you, a graphic novel tells a whole story via illustrations and it includes a beginning, middle, and end. A graphic novel will put forward anticipation from a novel, even if it is part of a series. Which makes a graphic novel longer than a comic book.

One major difference between graphic novels and text-based novels is that graphic novels allow their images to do the immense preponderance of the storytelling, with dialogue bubbles and narration boxes to help out elaborate the story.

Noni, an Assamese Filmmaker, Film Critic, In his latest graphic novel ‘Lachit Borphuka-লা-চিত ফু-কন-লুং ( LA-CHIT PHU -KON – LUNG ), delineate Lachit Borphukan, a commander and Borphukan (Phu-Kon-Lung) in the Ahom kingdom, in present-day Assam, India, known for his leadership in the 1671 Battle of Saraighat.

The story of Lachit Borphukan is prolonged, So Noni will publish it as a Novel of 3 Volume and it will take around 2 years to complete the Novel. But You can read it at times on The Facebook page: Lachit Borphukan – A Graphic Novel

In an exclusive Interview with Inside Chronicle Noni Said that “The graphic novel is a new concept in Assam and around 2013 I started my journey in Graphic Novel through an Assamese magazine named Satsori. It was ‘Ashanta Electron’, a popular Assamese story by Saurabh Kumar Chaliha to which I was fascinated to and later on in Satsori , this Graphic illustration came out on weekly basis but unfortunately, I could not complete it. Now I am making a feature film based on this story. I was always interested in the Graphic Novel. ‘Lachit Borphukan’, You can say it as my Second work of Graphic Novel. In India People often confuse Graphic Novel with Comics, But there is a very diminutive difference among these genres.

He Further Added “The idea of this Assamese Historical Graphic Novel ‘Lachit Borphukan’ came into my mind in this Lockdown Period. As I am related to Filmmaking so I was out of Assam but due this pandemic I had to come back to Assam and that’s when I thought of doing something creative. Lachit Borphukan- He was an inspiration for all of us, his love for the motherland is unsurpassed and obviously I did some research before starting this work. It is a remarkable Story that still has a socio-political significance.

“About the illustration, I never took any formal or institutional training on Fine Arts as I was always enthralled to Art. But yes, I spend my Childhood in Diphu, That’s where I met Birendra Sinha, the renowned Assamese sculptor. At that time my parents enrolled my name in his institution and I learned a little bit of Art as I could not complete the course.”

“The story of Lachit Borphukan is very long as it’s historical, So I guess publishing it as on a monthly basis will consume more time. This is why I will publish it as a Novel of 3 Volume because it will have lots of pages. I had to cover a lot of detail about this magnificent story. I will take around 2 years of the time period and I am working on it. Let’s See!

“I want to expand the readership so I choose the English language. So that people outside Assam,may know or get the idea of Who Lachit Borphukan was. It will also cost a lot of money because when it’s come to Graphic Novel the page texture has to be of the best quality.
Frank Miller, Neil Richard MacKinnon Gaiman, Alan Moore, these Graphic Novelists have inspired me a lot. In Japan, these genres of comic and Graphic Novel culture is known as ‘manga’ which have enthused me a lot and I love their work.”

“Graphic Novel is not only about the picture but the story has to be striking. If we take an example of Mamoni Roisom Goswami, Her writing, her approach of the narrative is itself an art and it is unrivaled. You can’t just draw a picture and then put a story in it. No, in graphic Novel it doesn’t work like that. For this, you need a captivating Story. The cinematic angle is another important feature of Graphic Novel.”

“The process which I have followed in Graphic Novel is that I first sketch pictures on paper, scan it and then enhance on Photoshop. After completing the novel I will seek advice from an Editor for modification of language and absolutely I will consult of historical relevance. There is not much written about Lachit Borphukan or a precise depiction of his time. So I have taken some imaginative emancipation, so there will be some fiction in this novel along with the facts.”


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