“Follow your passion”--easy to read, tough to ensue.  Passion is always a person’s desire for something. It is something to be discovered. Passion is what we chase that gives us the most joy or is the most fun. Life gets better if you can turn passion into a paycheck!

However,  if one has a fulfilling job/work, they can afford the possibility of pursuing a passion.

Gunjan Gogoi established Restaurateur, who is living his life, gestate joy beyond impediment. Born and brought up in Jorhat, Gunjan Gogoi pursued photography amidst his busy life as a businessman.  Bird Photography is his forte.

Most people get lost in their mundane life. Those who used to have any passion during college or school days can’t continue once they were passionate about it.

But, Gunjan Gogoi is putting some extra effort to cultivate interest outside work.

This World Photography Day 2021, Inside Chronicle is celebrating Photographers who are pursuing photography as a hobby or career.


In a chit-chat with Inside Chronicle, Gunjan Gogoi let his heart out!


  1. First of all, Warm wishes on World Photography Day to you. You are a Restaurateur and also a bird photographer. How do you manage so many things at once?


  • Thank You. Well..both my profession and my hobby is a passion for me, so I believe if someone likes what he/she is doing then they make time for the things they love.

 2.Is Bird Photography is your passion? Why did you choose particularly bird photography?
  • Yes, bird photography is my passion, while in general, I like wildlife photography but it is the birds who captured my heart. I regard them as the second citizens of the world and there’s so many of them of different shapes, colors, sizes, and habitat, I am fascinated by them.


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 3.According to you, what are some basic attributes a Nature Photographer should have?
  • The first and foremost attribute that a Natural photographer must have is respect for nature, the homes of the wildlife. Secondly, the utmost amount of patience as our models aren’t always camera-friendly, most of them being shy and wary, so to put them at ease first we have to wait a great deal of time. Thirdly, devotion to one’s passion and lastly be physically fit.

  4.Your gear?
  • I use Canon gear. I have Canon R6, Canon 5d Mark IV body and have two lenses Canon 800mm and Canon 100-400mm.



 5.Your Inspiration and driving force behind your passion for photography?
  • I have always been artistically inclined from my childhood and with the advancement in the field of DSLRs coupled with my love for nature this interest got a huge impetus towards the pursuance of my hobby of capturing the beautiful subjects which are always been my inspiration to go to the wild time and again.


6.What’s your favorite spot for photography?
  • As such there can be no one favorite spot for bird photography but still, because of its rich biodiversity and flora and fauna, Arunachal Pradesh is one of my favorite places for photography
 7.Technical understanding of the camera or Artistic Interpretation or Post Processing Skills…What will you choose?
  • Technical understanding of the camera as wildlife photographer doesn’t get to work in a regulated environment unlike a studio or other workplace, everything is to be kept in mind while shooting a subject and changes has to be done fast as we don’t get much time. Artistic interpretation has also to be kept in mind as nowadays there is a lot of competition in this field so if one desires that his/her work stand out from the rest.

  8.Any final thoughts for our Readers?
  • To the readers, I would like to say that wildlife photography is not easy, one has to have a strong passion and dedication to pursue it as a hobby or professionally. As a hobby, it’s expensive particularly if one wants to explore deeper into it but the sense of fulfillment and being one with nature that it gives is unparalleled.



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