100 Days, 100 Drawings –well, that’s not the end of the story. The story starts with Kishore Kumar Das, The Lalit Kala Academy winner, who is also the Secretary of the Gauhati Artists’ Guild. It was 25th March 2020, you might have that fresh memory of sudden lockdown because of Covid-19. It affected people in different ways. Meanwhile, Kishore Kumar Das, in that tough situation, produced extraordinary works without even access to his art studio and art materials.

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On the other hand, The lockdown led to the unlocking of creative instincts. So Das launched a personal journey of “a drawing a day” to create 100 artworks. He documented the prevailing situation during the period. 100 Days, 100 Drawings is not just about drawing but also the interpretation of regular happenings of our day-to-day life.

Most importantly, each drawing carries had a predominant message which was accordingly titled.

100 Days,100 Drawings by Award Winning Artist Kishore Kumar Das

Firstly his painting and drawings are not just visual delights but also each work carries an important message. Secondly, without brush and palette, he didn’t compromise with the futuristic representation of positivity, optimism.

100 Days,100 Drawings

He also stated that “we must have hope for a good future. One day when things will get normal, my creation will also be a minute part of this history. I found good use of leisure time, engaged myself in a creative pursuit.”

100 Days,100 Drawings
Lockdown Mementos–art exhibition at Gauhati Artist Guild

‘Lockdown Mementos’ by Kishore Kumar Das is also the recollection of cultural memories of Assamese culture.

100 Days,100 Drawings

Meanwhile, Das said that due to professional and social commitments earlier, he did not have enough time to pursue art regularly. 100 Days,100 Drawings–‘Lockdown Mementos’ is the ‘Oxygen for the art’ of Kishore Kumar Das.

‘Dehing Patkai’ one of his drawings showed the harsh reality of surrounding the national park. Dehing Patkai came into the news after the widespread controversy of approval for coal mining in an elephant reserve.

100 Days,100 Drawings, 'Lockdown Mementos'
100 Days,100 Drawings, ‘Lockdown Mementos’

One of the most striking drawings of the series is ‘Engagement Ring.’ 

100 Days,100 Drawings, 'Lockdown Mementos


100 Days,100 Drawings, 'Lockdown Mementos'


Here are few moments of the exhibition–100 Days,100 Drawings, ‘Lockdown Mementos’:

100 Days,100 Drawings

100 Days,100 Drawings
Kishore Kumar Das

While maintaining dual duties as an artist and also as a Sr. lecturer of DIET ,Morigaon, Das didn’t stop himself from painting with limited resources.

100 Days,100 Drawings

‘LOCKDOWN MEMENTOS’ a collection of 100 paintings by Kishor Kumar Das, presented by Gauhati Artists’ Guild. The exhibition was supported by Byatikram Group and Byatikram Painting Hub.

Mr. Das did several exhibitions before. It was in the year 2004, he received the Lalit Kala Academy Award of Govt. of India. Kishore Kumar Das was the first person from Assam who received this prestigious award. He won the 47th National Academy Award for his painting ‘Creator‘.

Painting 'Creator' by Kishore Kumar Das
Painting ‘Creator’ by Kishore Kumar Das


Devastated by his sister’s death, Das was unable to paint. this tough time broke him from inside. But one day, he decided to turn his despair into paintings. ‘Creator’ was the result of inner conflict. He brought death and life together!

Meanwhile, Das, having Masters Degree in Fine Arts (Painting) from M.S. University, Baroda received a scholarship twice from Director of Cultural Affairs, Guwahati.






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