The British Royal Family is hiring.UK royal family is looking for a housekeeping assistant to manage the interiors among other things at Windsor Castle and is offering £19,140.09 starting salary.

The last date for applications is October 28 and then comes virtual interviews.

Week commencing 2 November 2020 (all assessment centres will be held virtually)

Posted on the official website of the Royal Household, the family of Queen Elizabeth II has offered a Level 2 Apprenticeship with the selected candidate to get to live at the palace. The individual might have to work at Buckingham Palace as well. It is a permeant, full-time job for five days a week from Monday to Sunday. He or she will work to “clean and care for interiors and items, ensuring they’re presented to their very best.

After being selected for being the housekeeping assistant at the Windsor Castle, the candidate would enter the structured program for more than 13 months of training.

UK Royal Family Is Offering Rs 18.5 Lakh For Housekeeping Job At Windsor Castle

They get to live in different palaces all around the year and 33 days of holidays in a year. Moreover, they get to enjoy luxuries and amenities pretty much like their royal employers, which includes tennis courts, swimming pools and other facilities. Oh, and travel expenses are covered too.

This has been followed by another vacancy at the Kensington Palace, where William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge live with their three children. The job, also for housekeeping, has been described as an “exciting opportunity to join a supportive and positive team”.

Important details:

  • All apprenticeships require candidates to gain a qualification in English and Maths. If you are successful but don’t already have these qualifications to the required level, we will support you to gain them as part of your apprenticeship.
  • You will be based mainly in either Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace but you will be working across other residences throughout the year (approximately up to three months of the year).
  • The role is offered with live-in accommodation for which there is a salary adjustment. All meals will be provided and travel expenses are included.
  • Our comprehensive benefits package includes 33 days holiday (inclusive of Bank Holidays), an employer pension contribution scheme, as well as a range of catering and recreational facilities.



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