Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau became the world’s first world leader to support the ongoing farmers’ protests. “Canada will always be there to defend the rights of peaceful protest,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said. He backed Indian farmers in his statement adding that the situation in the country is ‘concerning’.

Trudeau made the remarks while participating in a Facebook video interaction to mark Gurupurab or the 551st birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion.

On Tuesday, farmers entered the sixth consecutive day of protests braving water cannons, tear gas, police barricades, the pandemic, and winters. Thousands of people from several states, including Punjab, Haryana have camped out on the outskirts of Delhi in the biggest protest by farmers in years. They are demanding action against the new agri laws.



“Let me remind you, Canada will always be there to defend the right of peaceful protest. We believe in the importance of dialogue and that is why we have reached out through multiple means directly to Indian authorities to highlight our concerns,” he said.

He said that this was a moment for all to pull together because of COVID-19 and because of everything else as well. In response to a media query on comments by Canadian leaders, the official spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said, “We have seen some ill-informed comments by Canadian leaders relating to farmers in India. Such comments are unwarranted, especially when pertaining to the internal affairs of a democratic country. It is also best that diplomatic conversations are not misrepresented for political purposes.”

Thousands of farmers stayed put at various Delhi border points for the sixth consecutive day on Tuesday protesting against the new farm laws, which they fear will dismantle the minimum support price system and corporatize farming.




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