National Doctor’s day is observed on July 1 in India. It is celebrated to commemorate the birth and death anniversary of a respected physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. In this Covid pandemic times, many a life has been saved by our health care professionals.

The difficult times amid COVID-19 have once again reminded us about the contributions and sacrifices made by doctors and the healthcare staff around the globe on a daily basis. In honor of this noble profession, Doctor’s Day is celebrated on different dates across the world.

India celebrates the day on July 1 as ‘National Doctor’s Day’ and it’s organized by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) annually.

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July 1 in India is marked as National Doctor’s Day to show gratitude to all those who have selflessly helped other people and tirelessly worked to save every life in the country – the doctors.

The day is observed on different dates across the world. In the United States, Doctor’s Day is observed on March 30, in Cuba on December 3, and in Iran on August 23.

In India, National Doctors’ Day is observed as the birth and death anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, an eminent physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal for 14 years, from 1948 till his death in 1962. Dr. Roy was also known for his architecture skills apart from being a renowned physician and founded 5 cities in West Bengal: Ashokenagar, Habra, Durgapur, Kalyani, and Bidhannagar. He was a member of Brahmo Samaj. Dr. Roy was honored with India’s highest civilian honor, Bharat Ratna in 1961, a year before his death in 1962.

Show gratitude to a doctor through various innovative ways:

Red carnation flower :

The red carnation was chosen as the official symbol of Doctors Day because the color of the flower is in the spirit of the characters of the medical profession. It represents adoration, charity, sacrifice, bravery, and audacity.

Greeting Cards:

You can write personalized messages on a card and pass them to the doctor. Thank you notes with a summary of any memories with doctors.

Personalized Message:

Record a video or get in touch with the doctor via video calling to say thank you and show gratitude for everything that a doctor has done to help you.

National Doctor’s Day Wishes:

*Dear Doctor, I feel so confident and safe when I know that I am in your hands. You have always been a saviour to me. Thanking you on this wonderful occasion. – Happy Doctor’s Day 2021!

*When there are tears, you are a shoulder. When there is pain, you are a medicine. When there is a tragedy, you are a hope. – Happy National Doctor’s Day!

*Happy Doctor’s Day to our dearest doctor who is always an inspiration for all staff members… Keep motivating us and helping us grow!

*On this occasion of Doctor’s Day, I express my gratitude to you for always being there for us, for serving us with happiness and for treating our problems. – Happy Doctor’s Day to you!

*It is your deeds that make us feel proud. It is great to have a doctor in the family. Wish you a very Happy Doctor’s Day!

*You are more than just a doctor, you are a friend and guide too, So here’s a special wish coming your way. Happy National Doctor’s Day!

*You are the best doctor I know. Thank you! Happy Doctor’s Day.

*Good wishes for an amazing day. Hope all your troubles go away just like you made mine go away. Happy National Doctor’s Day.

*It is your deeds that make us feel proud. It is great to have a doctor in the family. Happy Doctor’s Day!





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