The Central Information Commission (CIC) on Wednesday said that the wife has the right to know her husband’s salary and can seek information about the same through RTI.

The CIC delivered this decision on Tuesday after hearing an appeal filed by one Rahmat Bano of Jodhpur. The Commission turned down the IT department’s decision that she belonged to a third party.

The CIC on this day rubbished the ‘third-party’ argument an the income tax (IT) department’s claim that such information does not pertain under the Right to Information.

The Commission directed the I-T department of Jodhpur to provide the woman with the information within 15 days.

Apart from this time, the CIC earlier while hearing other cases also had said that the wives of government servants have a “right” to know salary particulars of their husbands and these details should also be made public through RTI Act.

The details about a government employee’s salary are no third-party information and these have to be voluntarily disclosed under Section 4(1)(b)(x) of the RTI Act, the CIC had then said.




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