“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

–Toni Morrison

It takes real guts and many sleepless nights to achieve what you dream of becoming. Sitting in an office of men-in-suits trying to fit in, it is difficult to manage two pole apart career choices.

But there is more to life than cubicles and a never-ending mailbox. “Wish I was there!”, Yes, we all have thought while scrolling Facebook posts, Instagram reels about road trips of others.

To feel the cold, the sun burning your face, the wind fighting with you, the feeling of freedom, peace, and tranquility…if that’s your calling, why not take a chance?

Ujjwal Diplu Gogoi (উজ্জ্বল দিপ্লু গগৈ), who hails from Assam is working in a reputed bank turned to write his First Assamese travel book ‘ The Top Gear’ (‘দ্য টপ গিয়েৰ’) . Being a banker by profession, Ujjwal was utterly unconscious about his hidden expertise.

Ujjwal Diplu Gogoi (উজ্জ্বল দিপ্লু গগৈ)
Ujjwal Diplu Gogoi (উজ্জ্বল দিপ্লু গগৈ)

He started traveling places with his motorbike and there is no looking back. It was quite an arduous move by him.

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While others planned weekends, Ujjwal Diplu Gogoi indulged in a passion for writing about his journey. He invested his private time in his travel book. Someday after coming back from the office, he would work for hours drafting the book.

Ujjwal Diplu Gogoi (উজ্জ্বল দিপ্লু গগৈ)

Explore the extraordinary journey of Ujjwal Diplu Gogoi in this engaging conservation with Inside Chronicle

1. You have been working as a banker. Tell us about it.

I joined the banking sector in 2013. Since then, my place of work is Guwahati. Being a postgraduate in Environmental Science, it was very tough for me initially to even understand the basics of banking. But eventually, things have changed & presently I really love the field of my work.

2. Do you have a keen interest in writing? What were the major factors that made you gravitate into writing your first travel book?

Yes, I love to write. So a number of stories & articles of mine have been published in newspapers since my childhood. The inspiration I got to write travel stories was from my close friends and my riding co-partners. My debut traveling write-up was about the Gurudongmar riding expedition which I wrote on Facebook and the readers really appreciated it. After that, I continued to write my traveling experiences which got published in a good deal of e-magazines.

Ujjwal Diplu Gogoi (উজ্জ্বল দিপ্লু গগৈ)

3. Well, you have explored a lot of places. Tell us in detail.

Thank you, I have explored numerous places & still, I have a long list of places to visit & explore. Among all of the rides I did, my favorite one is the bike expedition to Tawang. In addition, North Sikkim and many parts of the Seven Sisters were explored by me on the bike. The last major ride was from Guwahati to Kibitho & Dong. We did it the last April.

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4. ‘The Top Gear’ — is an Assamese travel book. What inspired you to write this book?

I love to share my experiences & the stories I witnessed during my biking expeditions. Gradually people started loving the stories, some of my friends encouraged me to note down & write about those experiences. But I never thought these writings would someday take the shape of a ‘book’.

5. What were some of the setbacks that you initially faced while writing this book? How much it took to complete this book?
There are two major setbacks that I faced.
It really took some time to complete the book.
6. Banker and now a writer. How do you juggle between these two? How are you managing both these poles apart professions?

Being a banker I get a lot of opportunities to meet a number of people and my traveling passion also provides me the same opportunity too. So from a perspective, there is a hidden similarity between my profession and my passion. I being a banker devote my day to my profession. But as my office ends I get back to my own world to pursue my dream of traveling and hence writing. I strongly believe if a person honestly follows his passion then nothing can restrain him from chasing his dreams and turning those into reality.


Quick 5:


  1. Your favorite book – নৈ বৈ যায়, ড° লীলা গগৈ


  1. The person you look up to the most – My father Late Kamal Gogoi


  1. Your mantra in life –Simple Living High Thinking


  1. What is one particular thing in your life that you are very grateful about – that I am was in Assam


  1. Best travel companion –Solo ride





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