The Punjab Youtuber ” Paras Singh ” who runs the YouTube channel ” Paras Official”  arrested for allegedly using a racial slur to address Arunachal Pradesh legislator Ninong Ering. In a video posted on Sunday, Singh allegedly suggested that Congress MLA from Pasighat, Ninong Ering, “did not look like an Indian”.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu, taking to Twitter, condemned the racial slur and said the “video aims at inciting ill will and hatred towards the people of Arunachal Pradesh”.“Punjab Police rigorously searched & taken Paras Singh under custody. Arunachal Pradesh Police is reaching Punjab. I’ve spoken to the Police Commissioner of Ludhiana for urgent Judicial process for transit remand as it’s inter-state arrest so that he can be brought to Arunachal Pradesh,” Rijiju said.



On Monday, Punjab YouTuber Paras Singh posted another video on his YouTube channel in which he apologized for his remarks. Singh said that he has been receiving angry comments on social media platforms due to his earlier video. He also requested people not to target his family for his mistake.

Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein underlined that he was “appalled and greatly dismayed” to see the YouTube post, which not just “casts doubt on the nationality of the Arunachal Pradesh MLA but also questions the existence of the state within India”.

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“To doubt our nationality because of how we look is a problem most of us from the North East of India face regularly in the mainland. What we look like, how we dress, what we eat and how we live to make us no less Indian.

“We are proud to be a state in the Union of India where even in the interior most we greet each other with a ”Jai Hind” and primary school children even in the border villages sing ”Saare Jahaan Se Achha, Hindustan Hamara” with pride, he said in his official Twitter handle.

The deputy chief minister sought an unconditional apology from the YouTuber for his remarks.



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