Indira Gandhi National Open University, IGNOU has launched PG Diploma in Animal Welfare in Open and Distance Learning for students for July 2020 session. Students who want to apply for the course can visit the official site of IGNOU at According to Programme Coordinator, Prof. P. V. K. Sasidhar,this program is meant for animal welfare professionals across India and for graduates / post-graduates interested in pursuing a career as an animal welfare professional.

Programme Structure
o Level of Programme: PG Diploma in Animal Welfare (PGDAW)
o Number of credits : 32
o Learning material : 04 courses of 08 credits each
o Admission criterion : Graduation in any discipline
o Duration: 1 Year (Admission valid for 3 Years)
o Fee: Rs. 5400/-

Who Can Take Admission?
o Faculty, researchers, technical staff and PG students in universities, research
organizations and veterinary colleges.
o Veterinarians in state / central government departments and Remount and Veterinary
o Members of state /district animal welfare boards / institutional animal ethics
o Civil servants, IFS officers and officials working in zoos, wild life institutes, animal house
facilities, zoology departments etc.
o Employees / volunteers working in animal welfare organizations / NGOs/ Gaushalas
o Animal lovers and pet owners.
o Fresh graduates seeking career as animal welfare professional.
For Further Information, prospective students can contact nearest IGNOU Regional Centre or
could reach out to the Programme Coordinator, Prof. P.V.K.Sasidhar through e-mail
at or on mobile / WhatsApp at 9910050413.
Online Admissions Link:


Animal welfare education is a multidisciplinary subject which is evolving rapidly with the core components of welfare science, ethics, laws and standards. In general, we are concerned about the welfare of all animals that are managed in some way by humans, and where we have particular responsibilities for their care. In the past, the greatest concern about animal welfare has been related to livestock production in agriculture, and thus ‘farm animal welfare’ has received the most attention. Over time, welfare issues pertaining to working, performing, companion, zoo and lab animals have also received attention. Keeping all this in view, the PGDAW programme has covered welfare science, ethics, laws and standards of all managed animals like cattle and buffaloes; sheep and goat; pigs; poultry; working, performing, pet, zoo and lab animals.


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