Covid-19 cases increased and crossed the one lakh mark on July 6 but Delhi is the only one that has seen a decline in active Covid-19 cases over the last week. According Delhi Govt On July 5, the recovery rate was 71.74 per cent, up from 63.32 per cent the week before. This was higher than the national recovery rate which at that time was 60.7 percent.

As per Sources, As of July 3, there were 26,304 active cases in the national capital which declined by 18% to 21,567 on 10 July morning.


The Delhi government has adopted certain measures plans to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the city:

The Delhi Government made sure that Medical teams visit Covid-19 positive patients who were asymptomatic or even had mild symptoms to explain home isolation. Regular monitoring was done by these teams and guidance given via daily phone calls by healthcare workers.


Delhi Govt also followed a strict strategy of high testing from the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The capital city was testing more than any other state in India at 10,500 tests per million on May 31. Later on from June, Testing was increased by the Delhi government with a focus on areas that were becoming coronavirus hotspots and Delhi government carried out 5,500 tests per day. By mid-June, the government carried out 11,000 tests per day and by the first week of July almost 21,000 tests per day.


According to a government , they expended bed capacity in private hospital.Private hospitals with more than 50 beds had to reserve 40% of beds for treating Covid-19 patients. The number of Covid-19 beds in private hospitals increased from 700 to 5000, it also meant that Covid-19 facilities were now available in all parts of the city.

The Delhi government collaborated with a network of NGOs and doctor-volunteers who started real-time calling and counselling of Covid-19 positive patients.


The Delhi Govt provided oximeters to all patients recovering in home isolation as One of the causes of deaths due to coronavirus is reduction in oxygen levels in the blood, hypoxia. So Delhi Govt purchased 59,600 oximeters and 58,974 are in use by patients in home isolation.


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