On Saturday, India’s first-ever Annual Mime Journal ‘NIRBAAK’ Launched in Guwahati Press Club, Guwahati. The journal was inaugurated by renowned mine artist Mr. Moinul Haque who has won Sangeet Natak Academy Award, the Senior journalist Sushanta Talukdar, Popular actor Himangshu Prasad Das. The editor and founder of ‘NIRBAAK’ Minagka Deka is the mime artist who was also a student of Mr. Moinul Haque.

India's first ever Annual Mime Journal'NIRBAAK'Launched in Guwahati

Moinul Haque a reputed mime artist who is also the pioneer of mime in India’s Northeast region. He has been performing mime since the 1970s and founded ‘Mime Academy’ the first of its kind in the northeast in order to promote and teach the art to the younger generations. Haque received a Senior Fellowship holder in the field of mime from the Department of Culture, Government of India, and a recipient of the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in the year 2009.

India's first ever Annual Mime Journal'NIRBAAK'Launched in Guwahati

In the press meet, The editor of ‘NIRBAAK’ Minagka Deka expressed his views and said, “The journal is the result of a lot of hard work and I dedicate this to the budding mime artists who want to make it big in future. Instead of buying a mobile with scholarship amount that I received for mime, decided to invest in the right direction and that is why ‘NIRBAAK’ is here.”

In India, mime is around 3,000 years old whose description can be found in the ancient text, Natyashastra.In northeast India, it took a lot of years for mime to get recognition as an art form. This is why It is almost difficult to make a living by being a mime artist in India. Mime experienced lots of successes and failures at times, and faced many ups and down, accepted appreciation and criticism with equal, received cooperation from the audiences.

NIRBAAK India's first ever annual mime journal

Although it is really inspiring to see a talented mime artist like Minagka Deka, who came forward despite facing obstacles to publishing the journal annually. He contacts international mime artists and collected various articles regarding mime.

He believes that mime can be utilized as a very effective medium of mass communication. Presently, this art is being used in different parts of the world to raise awareness on various social issues.

For the past year, Minagka has been raising voices over various social issues like Covid-19 precautions, clean environment, to save Deepor Beel, etc.




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