After delivering a successful movie in 2017,’Shakira Ahibo Bokul Tolor Bihuloi’, director-actor Himanshu Prasad Das is all set to release his new film titled ‘Goru’. The year 2020 has not been difficult not only for health, the economy, etc but also for the film industry across the world. Due to the lack of cinema halls, and lack of screening space for the regional film of Assam is almost impossible for the audience to catch the latest regional film.

As per the Director, Assamese people want to watch Assamese films but cannot enjoy them as in many places they do not have cinema halls. That is why they have to wait for the film to be telecast on television. Thus the team of the film ‘Goru’ decided to screen the movie in the entire state through the projector as an effort so that everyone can enjoy the movie.

Himanshu Prasad Das' Film 'GORU' is all set to release on 23rd January 2021

Rural audiences in the state also wait for months for the release of the local movies. So, the Director of the upcoming movie ‘Goru’,  Himangshu Prasad Das said this movie will be released by the general public instead of releasing in the cinema hall. The Assamese film ‘Goru’ (গৰু) will be released on January 23 next year in at least 325 places on 1000 screens across the state. The entire Cast and Crew of ‘Goru’ made the announcement about the release of the film on Tuesday at a press meet in Guwahati.

Actor Bahrul Islam, Pakija Begum, Siddhartha Mukherjee, Kamal Lochan, Chandan Das, Lanishree, and others acted in the film. The shooting of the film has been taking place for the last two years, but due to CAA agitation and the film screening had to be postponed.

Around 125 places have already been shortlisted for the release of the movie. If any organization or local bodies want to book the film for screening the movie in their respective places they have been asked to contact the ‘Goru’ team on-7002510976/7002238896. Tickets will be available soon.

The first screening will take place at the Kumar Bhaskar Natya Mandir in Guwahati.

The first song from the movie, DHIKKAR EI JIBON (ধিক্কাৰ এই জীৱন) is out now and already getting immense popularity from the audience.




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