Amidst all the doom and gloom due to the Covid 19, Deep Jyoti Kalita, a guy with dreams from Mangaldai is the talk of the town for his recent achievement.

Deep Jyoti Kalita, of Mangaldai, has been nominated for New York Indian Film Festival in the Best Actor category for the film ‘Boroxun’ – Songs for Rain- ‘বৰষুণ – ছংগছ অৱ ৰেইন’. An Ex-student of Gauhati University, Deep Jyoti, played a challenging role which earned him accolades from everyone.

'Boroxun' - Songs for Rain- 'বৰষুণ - ছংগছ অৱ ৰেইন'.
Deep Jyoti Kalita in ‘Boroxun’ – Songs for Rain- ‘বৰষুণ – ছংগছ অৱ ৰেইন’.

Director, Krishna kt. Bora of the film ‘Boroxun’ (Songs for Rain) has been nominated in the ‘Best Director’ category. He is a final year student at Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute in the department of Producing for Film and Television. His documentary project “Abridged “, has been awarded as the best short documentary at 2019, Kolkata International Film Festival.

Most importantly, “Songs For Rain” is a tale about a fishermen village in rural Assam with a unique twist. The film was shot in a village named Jogduar, in Teok,Jorhat.

On the other hand, New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF) is held every year to promote Indian films of all kinds. This year, the festival will be held from June 04 to June 13, 2021, virtually.

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Well, Deep Jyoti’s dreams are not limited to acting only! He is a part of Mangaldai based NGO named ‘Jagrata’. According to him, “Every year Jagrata procreates drama of their own and organizes a Jagrata Theatre festival in January. In this festival, all the students are given a chance to perform to uplift their stage experience.”

An alumnus of ‘National School of Drama ‘, Sikkim, Deep Jyoti Kalita, became a man to watch out for amidst these gloomy days.

Inconceivable are the losses incurred by the entertainment industry around the world due to Covid 19. The pandemic outbreak disrupted the worldwide entertainment industry – and, in particular, film and television production. But the most important thing we can do is to remember to keep sparking even when the sparks seem to be uncared for or overshadowed.


In an exclusive interview with Inside Chronicle, Deep Jyoti Kalita let his heart out about his intensifying endeavor:


  • First of all, Congratulations as you have been nominated for the New York Indian Film Festival in the Best Actor category. So, how are you feeling?


=) Thank you. Oh, it feels great. After hearing the news, I was glad enough. All I could think is that maybe I could do a bit more justice to the role as desired by our director, Krishna kt. Bora.

Being artists, we all want that our work is appreciated and loved by our audience. So when I got to know that our film “Boroxun – Songs For Rain” got selected as an official entry in New York Indian Film Festival and our director got nominated as ‘best director, ‘my happiness knew no bound. So Enlighted much from the film and the whole crew was very supportive, that’s bliss.

Of course, our producers Jemini Phukan Ingti, Sanjeev Ingti, and Anuj Shankar Baruah played a significant role in this film.


  • You have been nominated for the Assamese Film ‘Boroxun’ (Songs for Rain). Tell us about the film.


=) “Songs For Rain” is a tale about a fishermen village in rural Assam with a unique twist. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to reveal a lot about the film. But can assure you that it is a film that people are going to fall in love with.

Everyone associated with the film had worked hard and given their best. The film was shot in a village named Jogduar, in Teok, and the people of the village got associated with the film in different ways, starting from acting to all other production work.

The film had an amazing crew comprising of Krishna Kt. Borah (Director); Maharshi Tuhin Kashyap (Co-writer); Enosh Olivera (DOP) from Karnataka; Shubharun Sengupta (Sound Recordist and Designer) from Kolkata; Banazer Akhter, EP, all of them hailing from SRFTI with a lot of skills and craft.

My co-actors, Maitri Das and renowned Bina Patangia, and others, along with the crew members, had dedicated themselves to the director’s vision. I think that made the film into something which we are proud of.


  • How did you prepare yourself for the role? Tell us about your character in the film ‘Boroxun’ (Songs for Rain).


=) I am not allowed to discuss or reveal a lot about my character, but I can say it was a unique role that challenged me as an actor. It is a complicated role with a lot of nuances in the personality.

We had done workshops to prepare for the characters, and mine was based on a real person, so I was fortunate enough to spend time with the character as a part of the preparation for the role.


  • You are a part of Mangaldai based NGO named ‘Jagrata’, and we have come to know that it is taking imitative to promote acting skills among youngsters. Can you shed some light on this?


=) ‘Jagrata’ is our emotion, a fruit of our hard work. On the 7th of July, 2007, in the heart of Mangaldai district, namely Bhebarghat, Kalitapara, a group was born to uplift the cultural values among the youths, which was named as “Jagrata. ” Since then, we have been organizing various programs and shows on dance and drama.

Meanwhile, to give an academic face to dance and drama, we have established two schools: “Jagrata School of Drama “and “Jagrata School of Dance “to educate on drama and dance.

Mangaldai NGO 'Jagrata'
Mangaldai based “Jagrata School of Dance and Drama’

Every year Jagrata organizes summer camps and workshops on dance and drama to uphold cultural values among the youths. Moreover, the Jagrata have made an effort to teach the financially weak and deprived students free of cost. We have also tried our bit to perform in different stages of Assam.

To strengthen the foundation of Jagrata and build a sound environment for drama, in 2018, “Jagrata Theatre Space” was born where different drama groups from different places could perform, and the people from the village could enjoy.

Every year Jagrata procreates drama on their own and organizes a Jagrata Theatre festival in January. In this festival, all the students are given a chance to perform to uplift their stage experience. Moreover, many dramas from different parts of India are invited to perform on the stage.

The sole motive is to provide a healthy and sound cultural environment among the youth and give them a stage to perform.


  • Currently, what are the projects you are busy with?


=) Along with films, serials I’m busy with drama. Every year I try my level best to perform at least one drama. But due to the ongoing pandemic, plans are compelled to be changed. We had to stop a drama rehearsal mid-way due to this crisis.

Presently, I’m busy with a popular Assamese TV serial “Boroxa Jetiya Name” as an important character. Recently had an agreement for an Assamese film.

Assamese serial "Boroxa Jetiya Name"
‘Boroxun’ – Songs for Rain Team

Meanwhile, More plans are on hold due to Covid-19. Hope will be able to execute them when the situation changes. Hoping for the best.


  • You are from Mangaldai, and is it your love for your hometown that inspires you to do these praiseworthy works?


=) “Mangaldai “itself is a name which brings joy to our heart. Everyone has a different love for their birthplace. Like we always say, our first teacher is always our parents, for me my first teacher for my acting skills is my hometown.

My acting life started from this place itself. I have learned ‘A, B, C, D’ of acting in this place. Whatever acting I have learned being in Mangaldai is the foundation of my skills and experience.

Moving from Mangaldai, I have completed an acting course from ‘National School of Drama, ‘Sikkim. Behind all these successes of mine was the love and support of my native land, and advice from my teachers from Mangaldai was a path detector.

In this journey, everyone from Mangaldai, my well-wishers, my family and friends, and everyone who loves me has been the life of my experience, who always inspires me to move ahead. The faith and love they shower upon me, and my actions make me more determined and firm to do things in a better way. Grateful to this place and its people.

  • Being an alumnus of the National School of Drama, Sikkim, you are more interested in Direction or Acting?

=) Both acting and direction are my favorite. But in our group, I have to taker responsibility as a director often. So along with direction, I take forward my acting too. But there are but’s now. I love to grow as an actor more. So hope in the upcoming days I will be able to pay attention to both without being partial.



At the conclusion, Team Inside Chronicle wishes Deep Jyoti Kalita and the entire team of ‘Boroxun’ – Songs for Rain all the success and good luck. Hope we can see such beautiful work in the future, and we are fortunate enough that we got such a greatly talented team of artists.




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