“Lorni – The Flaneur”, a feature debut by Wanphrang K. Diengdoh, selected for the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne.The story of “Lorni – The Flaneur”, (meaning, ‘an inquisitive person’ in the Khasi language), revolves around Shem (Adil Hussain), a self-styled unemployed, shipiah (child from Khasi and non-tribal parents) detective escapes the monotony of small town Shillong when he is asked to investigate the disappearance of objects worthy of great cultural value. Lorni (closest translation in English – a flaneur) takes us to the shady streets and alleys of Shillong as Shem tries to recover these stolen objects. His encounter with Esther, a girl who has just returned from the city further complicates the matter and instead, he discovers something else. But are there any secrets in small town Shillong?

It took 24 days to shoot the entire film which they started shooting in July 2018.

“Lorni – The Flaneur”, is a feature debut by Wanphrang K. Diengdoh, completed MA in Mass Communication from Jamia Millia Islamia in 2009. He is the founder of red dur, a production space for films and music. In 2011, his debut short film 19/87 bagged all the awards at the GISFF Film Festival and his previous works include documentaries Where the Clouds End on tribal identity and border politics, and Between the Forest and the Song, a film that explores the song-naming tradition in Kongthong village.


In 2009, Wanphrang K. Diengdoh was awarded the public arts grant from the Foundation of Indian Contemporary arts for his installation Kali Kamai. In 2011, his debut short film ’19/87′ bagged Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography at the GISFF Film Festival. In 2013, he was awarded the ‘Early Career Film Fellowship’ from TISS.



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