Work from Home culture is not new. But it emerges as coronavirus outbreaks in the world. There are many pros and cons of working from home. But most importantly, nobody can deny the fact that this culture has saved many lives.

Each business, no matter how small and how big it is, is affected during the covid period. So, Work from home culture also empowers the employers to keep their business up and running during the pandemic.

In this article, we will discuss the impacts of Work from home on physical and mental wellbeing. So let’s get started.



  • Maintain personal life and work-life balance

The WFH culture that companies and people are adopting is excellent, and it helped the company grow during a pandemic. Considering the employees, they can also perform their office tasks not putting themselves at risk.

But the balance between personal life and professional life might not be the same as earlier. Because at the same time people are operating two responsibilities. One is their own, and another is their job responsibilities.

While adopting a new change takes time. People tend to learn from the mistakes they have made. To maintain a personal life and professional life is very much essential during Work from home. Miss balance can lead to many unexpected problems.

Worst impact of working from home on physical and mental wellbeing


  • Mental Complications

Mental complications never arise in a day or two. It takes time. And when you feel something is not right, it affects both your personal like and professional life. This is a scary situation.

While discussing mental complications, we must consider the work pressure one gets from his team leader or boss. Working from home is not always successful. Sometimes you feel a lot of pressure. Also, the workload has surprisingly increased for many individuals working from their native places in the last 2 years.

To keep yourself away from mental complications during Work from home, always try to balance your workload. Too much work pressure can lead to mental complications.

Worst impact of working from home on physical and mental wellbeing

  • Lesser infrastructure

You can’t deny the fact that no home furniture can replace your office desk/office environment. So, you will always end up making your Work from home setup DIY.

We are not saying that this is bad, but the wrong setup can lead to many physical complications. The study shows us that most employees utilize their bed, dining table or even kitchen as the set for their office hours.

While talking about lesser infrastructure, we would also like to mention our laptop screens. Laptop screens are usually of 13″ to 15″. Compared to any desktop computer, it is 20% smaller. Working on a small screen for long hours can lead to many complications for your eyes.

Our recommendation is to get your Work from home setup as friendly as possible. Also try to involve into indoor activities such as indoor exercise, yoga, etc to keep yourself fit.


  • Working overtime


While working from home, we used to work overtime. Because in a homely environment, you are your boss along with the office dependencies. While working from home, we divided our time for the office and ourselves according to our own choice. And always, we ended up sending the last email during late hours.

These complications can affect your personal and professional life. So better, make a proper schedule keeping the office and personal responsibilities in mind and follow it strictly to make time for yourself.


  • Effects on physical wellbeing


As the world has shifted to work from the home ecosystem, many researchers revealed that Work from home could lead to many physical complications if continued for a long time. Ig this article, we will not share the research in-depth, but an overall discussion of what physical complications working from home can lead to your life.

Musculoskeletal pain is one of the critical complications people are facing during their Work from home setups. In-office, you got a controlled environment, where everything is set up on a scientific basis. But while moving to work from home setup, there is a vast difference in the working environment. You choose your bed or dining table as your working desk seems incredible, but it can lead to musculoskeletal pain. If not treated well, it can also lead to a health hazard shortly.

Along with Musculoskeletal pain, there are some other complications we can see, that as eye strain. Our computer screens can lead to severe eye stain where you will always feel a headache kind of a situation during working hours.

Worst impact of working from home on physical and mental wellbeing

Conclusion –

Working from the home ecosystem is suitable for individuals and the employer as well. It’s a win-win situation for both the employee and employer. But it can lead to too many complications if not followed physical and mental wellbeing properly.



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