Love, compassion, and humanity go a long long way. Humans can do wonder if they want to. Social media has both negative and positive impacts on our youths today. But it is one of the best ways to reach a millennial audience, and it gets easier to help the needy.

Today we all have witnessed the power of Humanity and social media. A person named Gaurav Wasan posted a video on twitter of Delhi’s Malviya Nagar of an elderly couple who were seen distress after not being able to sell their home-cooked meals through their eatery “ BABA KA DHABA” for a long time now due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

This very old couple working hard to earn their living, upon asking They said they start early at 6.30 am and by 1.30 am they could only earn Rs 60 rs.

We’re all in competition. Life is hard, not fair to everyone, right?

And then the much-needed magic happened. The video went viral like wildfire. Many B-Town celebrities like Randeep Hooda, Suniel Shetty, Nimrat Kaur, Raveena tendon, IPL cricket team Delhi capital’s Social media page came forward and shared this heart-wrenching story on their timelines and urged the Delhi people to come forward to help this old helpless couple.

Help pours in for the elderly couple as So many people reach the location in no time and enjoyed eating food cooked by Baba.


Baba had a very busy day at his eatery today as people are coming in huge numbers.

His wife Badami Devi tells one of the people around “Lockdown ke samay jo thoda bohot banate the woh ghar wapis le jaate the kyunki kuch bikta nahi tha. Wahi khana khud kha kar kaam chala lete the. Ab lagatar customer aa rahe hain. Aap sabko hamara ashirwaad”

Who says Social media can’t do any good? This is just an example. A random man made a video and told people the story, people poured in which has literally brought smiles to the elderly couple.


Many people say “ keep your phones & cameras away while helping someone”. But now we know why we need the cameras and how we can use our social media in a great way.


What a powerful impact…

What a wonderful example has been set by these amazing people….


In our daily lives, we get to see so many such people on the road selling pens to people, earing only about Rs. 30/- a day. Can see children setting small roadside stalls with just a few fruits, vegetables. Some can be seen sitting silently in a corner of a shop with just a few garlands on hand hoping that people will buy some from him and he will at least get something to eat so that he won’t have to sleep empty stomach like most of the days of his life.

Most of the time we see people passing by them, don’t even look at them. They need our support too to survive this life.

There are Earthen Lamp makers who have been struggling for their whole lives. Many people during Diwali takes the initiative to create awareness about those hopelessly helpless people by asking people to support local products, buy these handmade earthen lamps instead of Chinese products. Most of the time, people ignore it.


Not every helpless people is lucky like BABA. We should always support helpless people,Not only when some videos go viral or some celebrities share and ask you to help. Humanity should be constant.

Keep helping those who need your little support, keep spreading Smiles.



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