Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation through his monthly radio broadcast, Mann Ki Baat. In this program,Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday lauded the various mobile apps that were part of the “app innovation challenge” and urged young entrepreneurs to develop computer games in the country.

PM calls upon start-up entrepreneurs to ‘team up for toys’, says time to get vocal for local toys

Minister Narendra Modi says – “We will be celebrating Teacher’s day on September 5. During the coronavirus pandemic, our teachers have faced many challenges but they have been brave and have adapted to technological changes.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that September should be observed as a ‘nutrition month’. He adds that the correct amount of nutrition received during childhood ensures a child’s proper physical and mental development and health.

Modi also spoke on the role of dogs in disaster management and rescue missions. “In India, NDRF has trained dozen such dogs. These dogs are experts in detecting alive persons under the debris in an earthquake or building collapse.”

These days, the festival of Onam is also being celebrated with fervour. The zest of Onam has reached foreign lands. Be it USA, Europe or Gulf countries, the joys of Onam can be felt everywhere. Onam is increasingly turning to be an international festival.”

Addressing citizens, Modi said: “Computer games are also very famous. Both young and old play them. But most of them are influenced by the West. We should have India-centric games. We can be ‘Aatma Nirbhar’ in this regard.”





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