On a chilled out day while sipping coffee with friends, taking a long walk across the city, we often look for the perfect selfie spot, adore the wall art, well… Sometimes looking for that perfect sitting spot behind vibrant, colorful wall. The appreciable form of art is Graffiti with color and myriad shapes turned into a vibrant piece of art. Graffiti is often considered modern art but graffiti was practiced years ago in the form of street art, stone painting, wall painting, etc. The painting was often loaded with important messages.

While sipping your coffee admiring the graffiti work, who knows? You might start imagining a new story!

In Guwahati, graffiti is art is an almost a new concept as in this era of rapidly embryonic mediums of expression, and several artists have done the unconventional by choosing the ‘concrete jungle’ that is the city, as their canvas.

Street art is new which is also known as mural painting. Mural and wall painting, a part of Street art has been budding in India lately. It was not until the 1980s, it was considered as a form of art and moved its way to galleries. Graffiti is quite popular now and has a regular presence in pop culture and contemporary art forms. It has brought commercial success to artists in India.

India has no formal educational programme for graffiti but it is taken up because of passion for the art. Few graffiti artists believe it can’t be taught, but can be developed through practice. If a conventional educational qualification is desired, the closest programmes available are a Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in fine art or a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree.

In a developing country like India, it is sometimes prohibited if done without the approval of the wall owner but that is where a foremost differentiation lies.

The advantage of graffiti painting is to express thoughts with graffiti on walls. All you need is spray paints and good knowledge. That is why, many restaurants, gyms, bars, and cafe owners try to attract oppidan art admirer by allowing graffiti artists to paint their walls.

Lakhyajyoti Pathak's Graffiti in Guwahati
Graffiti by Lakhyajyoti Pathak

With some awesome graffiti pieces and amazing meals on the menu, you will certainly get mesmerized! Isn’t it? While some street artists open bars, cafes, or restaurants, and they make use of their skill to embellish the walls of those in their style. An additional leeway is some graffiti painting aficionado who own restaurants hire artists to create some awe-inspiring arts for their places.

An incredible Guwahati-based graffiti artist, Lakhyajyoti Pathak, a very skilled artists who can make your place very magnetic in no time. It is often challenging to take an unconventional career that is underrated in developing countries like India, where people are still concern over marks than skills. But this guy has gone up his way to make it a spot as he is not just a regular street artist but also a gem that loves his passion and turned it into a profession.

Dreams on wall: Guwahati Guy's Awe-insipiring Graffiti can make you imagine a Story!

Lakhyajyoti Pathak’s graffiti can be found in various places in Guwahati such as Dhaba (City Center), Aurus mall, Paramount Grande, etc.

Dreams on wall: Guwahati Guy's Awe-insipiring Graffiti can make you imagine a Story!


In an exclusive chit-chat with Inside Chronicle, Lakhyajyoti Pathak let his heart out,” I was always fascinated to art Mural painting. My aspiration is to become a well-known artist in India. And I will be definitely trying digital art in the future.  It depends on the size and the time I give. A graffiti can be completed in 1 day or can take up to 7-10 days as depends on size and theme.”

Dreams on wall: Guwahati Guy's Awe-insipiring Graffiti can make you imagine a Story!

He further said,” It’s been around 4 years since I have taken graffiti as a career. You can see my work in the Dhaba (city center), Aurus mall, Paramount Grand, etc.”

While asking about how Covid-19 affected his work, Lakhyajyoti said,” It has affected my work a lot. With social distancing, govt induced nationwide lockdown; I didn’t get to work outside as freely as I could before the pandemic. It’s my passion from the start and I would choose this only as a profession if I were given a chance. “

Dreams on wall: Guwahati Guy's Awe-insipiring Graffiti can make you imagine a Story!

“Besides Graffiti, I have tried working in the tourism department. But as you know it is definitely hard as people don’t know the value of my artwork here, and people tend to pay less. “

“I have a team, which is known as DESIGN STORE. Our team also does all types of graphic design work such as logo design, poster design, flyer design, video editing, animation, etc.”

Dreams on wall: Guwahati Guy's Awe-insipiring Graffiti can make you imagine a Story!

Artists, who want to become a graffiti artist, first keep in mind that, it is a challenging profession; you cannot be expecting attractive pay every time. People are still is not conscious of graffiti as a full-time paid job. What you can do is monetize your work. Yes, you heard it right.

You won’t possibly come across any organizations in India which hire graffiti artists on a full-time basis to work exclusively on graffiti projects. It can only be considered a part-time or a freelance career option since standard employment is not guaranteed and neither is payment. So, most of the graffiti artists in India have a propensity to work as freelancers. It is vital to stay up-to-date in the industry because your work should speak for itself since the graffiti artist is only as good as his art.

Without any delay set yourself up as a graffiti artist on the street. With lots of cities now giving permits to artists to work precise spots on the street, you can in fact make good money doing that. Just set yourself up, paint something unique, and offer your work for an affordable price. Once you start introducing yourself to millennials, it will be easy for you to establish a career in Graffiti.

Another option is to offer your graffiti skills in collaboration with an advertising company. Quite a few companies nowadays use graffiti art in commercials and, if they use your work, and pay a large amount of money.




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