About us

In the digital times of the present when every news and any information resides at the tip of our fingers, Inside Chronicle aspires to be a voice that rises above the whole gamut of mere facts and figures. Because while statements can be assertive, it’s important to build as assured an opinion as well. Reinstating this belief in the rational human mind to harbour viewpoints and reinstalling the power that the right to expression entitles us all to, Inside Chronicle is a platform for resurgence- one that allows us to hold our convictions upright and present them to the world, unfazed and undeterred.
Be it some common issue that plagues everyday life or some scene that threatens the entire civic and social conscience, some broader world view or an assertion of individuality, Inside Chronicle views itself as the platform to make it all happen. After all, voices that do not take it upon their own to get themselves heard are always the ones that end up getting slaughtered.